Case Study


Blanchet offers modern, fresh and uncomplicated everyday wines. Their portfolio consists of nine different varieties ranging from dry to sweet. In 2019, the entire range was rebranded and two new Blanchet Jolie wines were introduced.



As part of the continuous PR and marketing support, Prime Connection professionally accompanied the new wines’ market launch and the rebranding. The news were published in numerous wide-reaching media and blogs. Prime Connection also raised awareness of the accompanying drinks campaign with PoS promotions by placing it in many relevant media.



  • Media presence for the rebranding and successful launch of the new wines
  • Attention for Blanchet Jolie’s new drink recipes and the accompanying PoS campaign



  • Comprehensive press work and influencer collaborations in the course of our long-term PR support in order to create sustainable media presence
  • Organization and implementation of numerous cooperation opportunities with wide-reaching media such as Gala and Birgitte
  • Sample shipments to relevant trade and consumer media as well as bloggers
  • Placement in various important trade and consumer media such as Weinwirtschaft, Lebensmittelzeitung and Focus through personal follow-up
  • Conception and implementation of raffle partnerships wit’swide-reaching F&B bloggers, gaining the attention of several hundred participants
  • Classic press work through target group specific press releases sent to trade and consumer media
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  • 28. October 2020

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