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Dr. Daniel C. Schmid, member of the executive board of MHK Group, on the topic: how do people in Germany live and what are current trends? (Kopie 1)

Germans want everything to be perfect. This also applies at home. That is why they invest a lot of money in furnishing. Only in Switzerland per-capita expenses for furniture are even higher. Germans like pieces of furniture with special functions, sofas with extendable footrests etc. Italians and Frenchmen, by contrast, place more value on design.

One might generally observe that living has become more individualized. There is no longer just one style of living. Different styles are mixed. The motto is: do as you like. According to a study, the kitchen has surpassed the car as the foremost status symbol. This fact alone shows that furnishings have long become a means of expressing oneself. One of several noticeable trends is the disappearance of clear boundaries between different living areas. The kitchen merges into the living room, the bathroom opens up to the bedroom. Natural materials and hues also play a big role in interior design.